Partners in Love & Money

Money for Couples

Live with Trust & Peace

Peaceful Talks. Shared Goals.

Imagine transparency with each other, teamwork, and open communication. When you’re working as a team, you have shared saving and spending goals. If your partnership is a little rocky from any of these concerns, I can help:

  • You want to split expenses, but can’t decide how
  • One partner doesn’t feel comfortable with money
  • One is a spender, one is a saver, and you can’t find common ground
  • You want a prenup, and would like to sort out money issues before you involve expensive lawyers
  • Money is being used as control, with a lack of transparency
  • A partner has been caught in Financial Infidelity

Our Signature Aligned in Love & Money Coaching

It feels so great when you can have a couples’ money discussion without hurt feelings, respect the valuable input from each other, and find a resolution that works for both of you. Two heads are definitely better than one!  With our coaching you will:

  • Identify & respect your different money beliefs
  • Align your spending and saving with your values as a couple
  • Protect the need for some independence if desired
  • Solidify your short and longer term dreams
  • Build a foundation of transparency and trust
  • Ensure happiness and joy are not compromised
  • Resolve income, expense, and asset sharing questions
  • Imagine greater money peace and trust in your partnership.